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Ack, another blogging lapse. Sorry, faithful followers. Grad school takes over every once in a while.

Enough of my excuses. Here’s my latest band discovery: the David Wax Museum. I had the pleasure of attending the Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour last night here in Lexington, and this effervescent duo was the secondary act to my absolute favorite band, Over the Rhine. They hail from Boston, and have a unique blend of Americana/folk music with Mexican flair (the bandleader plays a small Mexican guitar and the girl plays a traditional Mexican instrument: a donkey jawbone, with rattling teeth still intact). They are an absolute joy to watch on stage, due to their complete surrender to their material. These two are in it for love of making music, and they put on one heck of a set. Here’s their music video for “Born With a Broken Heart,” a song from their brand-new album, Everything Is Saved. Just hearing the song start puts a big ol’ smile on my face.

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