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This song is called “If You Find My Lover, Tell Him I Am Faint With Love,” and it was written by Andrew Rose Gregory of the always-entertaining Gregory Brothers, behind Auto-Tune The News. The song is sung by his sister-in-law Sarah Gregory (also from the G-Bros Band), and it’s from Andrew’s upcoming album, The Song of Songs, an indie-folk project that puts verses from the Old Testament book Song of Songs to music. I am happy that Andrew’s Kickstarter campaign to fund the album’s release was successful (I donated!) because this is quite simply one of the most moving and gorgeous songs I’ve heard in a while. Sarah’s voice is rich, low and velvety on the verses, yet powerfully belty and emotion-filled on the repeated “I sleep but my heart is awake” chorus. The whole thing is mesmerizing, and I can only imagine how fantastic the entire album is going to be.